17 Dec

8 maids a-milking!

Here’s a gorgeous sewing tutorial for you as part of our 12 Days of Christmas crafts projects, based on eight maids a-milking.

It’s 17th December! That can only mean one thing – it’s time for our eight maids a-milking craft project. We asked the three lovely ladies behind Trends With Benefits, Emily, Kate and Kendall, to come up with a how-to as part of our 12 Days of Christmas craft ideas and they’ve designed this natty little apron, which we think is just darling.

Here’s how to make it!

You’ll need

material of your choice
sewing machine

Simply make

1 Draw the template of your apron on paper. Draw a deep semi-circle that will be the right size for your body shape. When you have a shape you’re happy with, add in a 2cm seam allowance and cut out. Pin your template on the material and cut out.

2 Pin a double hem around your apron shape and sew.

3 Make your tie by measuring your waist and an extra adding 40cm. Cut a rectangular shape about 2 inches thick and as long as your previous measurements. Again, don't forget to add in seam allowances! Cut out and hem.

4 To make the pocket, cut out a rectangle piece of material and hem the edges. Sew the lace on the top side of the rectangle. Pin onto the front of your apron and sew by stitching three sides (leaving the top open).

5 Sew the lace around the main apron. Then stitch the tie along the top of the apron, leaving equal lengths at the back.

Beautiful! Don’t forget to send us in pictures of your aprons – we’d love to see them. And make sure you keep an eye out tomorrow for our nine ladies dancing project. Kirsty Waight from The Little Floating Craft Company’s back on the blog and she’s done a brilliant job with her how-to.

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