14 Dec

5 gold rings!

For day five of our 12 Days of Christmas craft projects, we’re showing you how to make your very own five gold rings. Hooray!

We all secretly hope our true love will give us five gold rings for Christmas, but just in case our dreams don’t come true this year, we asked the lovely Charlotte from Gin-fuelled Blue Stocking (great name!) to come up with a little how-to so you can make your own.

“This little project is easy and suitable for a beginner who can only knit and creates a pretty gift, or treat for yourself,” Charlotte says. “The beauty of this pattern is you can play with the sizing and the width, use more stitches to make a thicker loop, or make more i-cords to make it into a necklace. You could even change the yarn and needle size to make giant i-cords and make a scarf out of it. Whatever you choose, have fun, play with it, make it yours. That's what craft is all about.”

You'll need

3.5mm needles (DPNs are easier, but not essential)
gold & silver yarn (I used Twilley's Washable Goldfingering)
sewing needle

Simply make

1 To begin, knit an i-cord using gold yarn. If using DPNs, cast on two stitches, with around a 3-4” tail. Knit both. Don't turn your work, simply slide the stitches to the end of the needle and knit them again. Repeat. If using ordinary needles, cast on two stitches and knit both. Don't turn your work, but slide the two stitches back onto the original needle. Knit again and repeat.

2 Knit until the i-cord is 6cm in length and cast off. Again, leave around 3-4” of tail as you'll use this later to tie off each piece.

3 Knit five of these i-cords in gold and five in silver.

4 Once you've knit all 10, it's the fiddly bit. Turn your first gold i-cord into a loop – I found the easiest way to do this was to knot it together. You may need to pull it quite tight and knot it more than once. You can then sew in your ends and trim it.

5 Then take a silver i-cord and repeat, making sure you loop it through the first gold loop. Repeat, alternating colours until you reach your final i-cord, which can be looped through both the last and first loops, creating your bracelet. Tie off and sew in the ends.

There you have it – your very own bit of festive bling! This would be such a lovely craft to get on with in front of the fire over Christmas… do send in photos of your projects. And don’t forget to have a look at the other makes we’ve featured in our 12 Days of Christmas project – you’re all going to be so busy!

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