28 Oct

Tutorial Tuesday: Crochet Poppy Pattern

We've got a crochet poppy tutorial for you in time for Remembrance Day in November

This tutorial by Mel Brooke is free, but we ask that you use it for fund-raising, or if for yourself, you donate to the likes of the British Royal Legion to raise money for serving and ex-Sevice People. 




red DK cotton
black cotton thread
mix of crystal beads, small piece of black felt, brooch finding
3.5mm crochet hook
flower loom
sewing needle


Simply Make

1 Begin by making 4 ch and leave a long tail end of around 20cm
2 1 tr in second loop from hook, then 2 tr in next 2 ch stitches, 3 ch
3 Turn ready for new row, make 2 tr in each treble space, 3 ch.
4 Repeat Step 3.
5 Turn ready for new row then 1 tr in each treble space to end, 3 ch.
6 Repeat Step 4 then fasten off, sew in the end and trim.
7 Thread the remaining long tail end of the yarn through a sewing needle and make a running stitch around the edge of the petal. Pull gently to shape.
8 Make four petals in total (repeating steps 1-7) and use the thread ends to sew the petals together in pairs as shown
9 Layer the two pairs of petals, one on top the other as shown and use a thread end to sew them together around the centre, slightly catching each petal behind the next to secure.

10 Create the centre stamens by making a small flower using thin black crochet cotton on a flower loom.
11 Snip the looped petals of the small black flower so that they better resemble stamens. Sew it to the middle of the poppy
12 Sew a selection of crystals in the centre of the poppy and attach a brooch finding to the back to finish.




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