07 May

Make it: Butterfly book box

The sun is shining and we're feeling the summery love with this easy butterfly book box project on the blog today!

For your tutorial Tuesday this week, Su Pennick shows us how to create a simple book box from card - the perfect gift box for friends or hidey-hole for your craft knick knacks!

♥ large sheet of 2mm grey board
♥ butterfly-patterned John Lewiswrapping paper
♥ kraft John Lewis wrapping paper
♥ Tim Holtz Idea-ology Hitch Fastener
♥ blue and pale blue cardstock
♥ narrow blue organza ribbon
♥ spray adhesive
♥ strong double-sided tape

Simply Make
1. For the drawer: Cut two panels measuring 20x5cm (the front and back) and two panels measuring 15x5cm (the sides) and one panel measuring 20x15.4cm rectangle for the base, all from grey board.

2. For the outer box cut, from grey board, two panels each to measure 20.2 x 15.5cm (the top and bottom), two panels to measure 15.5x5.8cm (the sides) and one panel to measure 20.6x5.8cm (the back).

3. To construct the drawer: Cut a piece of kraft paper to measure 80x20cm. Draw a faint pencil line 5cm in from one of the longer edges. Use this as a guide for adhering the box pieces together using a mixture of double-sided tape around the outside of each panel, combined with spray adhesive. Stick the back panel with one of its longest edges along the pencil line, and one of its short edges flush with the edge of the paper. Leave a 2mm gap then affix a side panel, followed by the front panel and the remaining side panel along the pencil line – leaving a 2mm gap between each. Fold the panels round to form the box shape. When shaping the corners ensure that the ends of the side panels are placed within the back and front panels. Secure the end of the paper to the back panel. Insert the chipboard base within the paper. Fold and adhere the 5cm excess of paper under the base to hold it into place. Matt a 19x3.5cm rectangle of pale blue cardstock to a piece of darker blue cardstock. Attach this to the front of the drawer along with a butterfly cut from wrapping paper. Punch a hole in the middle of the front of the drawer and attach a Hitch Fastener.

4 To construct the outer box: Cut a piece of butterfly-patterned wrapping paper to measure 62x22cm. Draw a faint pencil line 2cm in from one of the longer edges. Adhere the top and bottom panels with one of their longest edges along this line, and the side panels with one of their shorter edges along this line – Using grey board cut two rectangles each measuring 19.5x5cm for the front and back and trim two rectangles each to measure 15.5x5cm for the sides. From thin chipboard cut a 19.5x15.9cm rectangle for the base. Affix the edge of the paper inside the box with strong double-sided tape to ensure that it will stay in place when the drawer is moved in and out. When folding the box together ensure that that the edges of the top and bottom panels are within the ends of the side panel so that the box will be the right size to accommodate the drawer. Add two strips of ribbon for decoration to finish.

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