12 Feb

Last minute Valentine's Day project

Fed up with sickly tokens of love? Kirsty Waight has created a Valentine's Day gift tutorial with a little edge - just for Simply Homemade!

With Valentine's Day fast approaching (and a rugged biker for a husband) the usual flowery sentiments are a bit of a running joke in the floaty household. When thinking of something more "us" I looked back to my teen-goth roots and more of the Shakespearean romance rather than the diamonds and flowers that's more common place now.

This is a really simple project that could be transformed to use in a lot of ways giving you versatility to the enth degree!

You will need:

  • a card form heart
  • red ink
  • black ink
  • two sheets of glass
  • aluminium foil tape
  • black cotton cord
  • card
  • double-sided craft tape


Simply make:

1. Layer up lots of your red ink over the whole surface of the heart. Give it lots of depth and really work the colour in.

2. Work over with black pigment ink, blending around the edges and giving accent to the curve.

3. Choose the wording you want to fit in your aperture, and carefully write or print on a piece of card cut to the same size as the glass. Ink over the top and distress slightly.

4. Bind the edges with the aluminium foil tape. Secure to the front of your heart with double sided craft tape.

5. Add a small bow using the black cotton cord.

When Valentines is over this would make a really gorgeous keepsake, but you could just as easily change the colourways on this and make it a birthday token, or even a wedding token. The key is not overdoing it. The bold shape and glass frame are detail enough - it really doesn't need much more!

Kirsty Waight runs the Little Floating Craft Company, lives on a boat and is a bit of a force to be reckoned with when it comes to all things handmade!

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