20 Dec

11 pipers piping!

Just two more tutorials to go and then our 12 days of Christmas crafts extravaganza comes to an end. But first we have an amazing how-to for 11 pipers piping!

We’ve been having so much fun bringing you all these beautiful craft projects as part of our 12 days of Christmas handmade bonanza that we’re rather sad it’s all drawing to a close. We’ve now reached 11 pipers piping and have enlisted the help of amazing artist and blogger Lauren Zabaneh from Lauren Alison Design to show you how to make your own stamps and personalise all sorts of items around your house.

"'E-le-VEN pi-pers PIP-ing!' is what I sang in my most joyous Christmas caroler’s voice when I was asked to be a part of this crafty Christmassy blogger extravaganza and I’ve had a blast coming up with a fun craft to share," Lauren says.

"I find mice to be darling, only when they appear on paper and not under my feet. I thought Edward, who is decked out in his stripy tights, would make a fine piper and could toot his little horn all on his own. He’ll do nicely adorning tea towels, napkins, tote bags, or whatever else is within arm’s reach."

You’ll need

Speedball Speedy-Cut slab
Speedball cutter set with various blades
X-acto Knife
2B or 4B pencil
blunt, smooth edge to transfer drawing
water-based ink
rubber brayer
cotton or linen fabric

Simply make

1 Sketch out your design, then colour it in with a 2B pencil to ensure it transfers well to the Speedy-Cut.
2 Lay your drawing pencil-side down on the Speedy-Cut slab and rub all over the paper using the blunt-ended tool, covering all parts of the drawing.
3 Start cutting with your smallest blade and do all the detail first and then move on to larger areas with your larger blade.
4 When your image is carved, cut away the excess edges and you’re ready to print.
5 Coat your brayer evenly with ink, roll off the excess until there’s a thin layer on it, then lightly roll it over your stamp. Now you’re ready to stamp – have fun!

What a brilliantly original project! We know you’re all planning your own stamps as you read this. Please do send us in photos of your makes – we can’t wait to see them! And make sure you pop back here tomorrow for our very last 12 days of Christmas crafts project. It’s a goodie!

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