19 Dec

10 lords a-leaping!

The end of our 12 Days of Christmas craft projects may be nigh, but the amazing tutorials are still going! Here’s how to make a leaping lord, by Angie from Hopemore Studio.

Over the last nine days, we’ve brought you some fantastic crafts projects by some brilliant makers and bloggers as part of our 12 Days of Christmas craft projects, but the fun isn’t over yet! We’re on day 10 and do we have a treat in store for you – instructions for making your very own leaping lord by Angie Blasingame from Hopemore Studio.

“In Victorian times, paper dolls called Jumping Jacks or French Pantin were a popular toy. Children would cut out each piece of the puppet and assemble the joints, then string would be tied together to make the arms and legs dance about,” Angie says. “This puppet sprang to mind when I was trying to come up with a project to do with 10 lords a-leaping.”

You’ll need

heavy cardstock
empty wooden thread spool
number 10 stamp
6” dowel
red & green acrylic paint
wooden star
double-sided tape
gold glitter
black ink
black fine tip marker
tinsel string
3D foam pads
Espresso Tim Holtz Adirondack Alcohol Ink
small poly bag
small bell

Simply make

The base

1 Paint green triangles around the bottom of the spool, then paint the rest of the spool red. When dry, even out the look of the green triangles with a black marker.
2 Run a strip of double-sided tape around the top edge of the spool, remove the backing strip and apply glitter. Run two additional bands of tape around the centre of the spool and apply glitter as before.
3 Cut a 4” piece of tinsel string and place in the poly bag, then add about six drops of Espresso ink into the bag, seal and press the ink into the tinsel. Once coated, take the tinsel out and leave to dry.
4 Stamp the wooden star with the number 10. Place a 3D foam pad on the back and attach to the spool as shown. Wrap the tinsel around the foam pad behind the star. Paint the dowel red and, once dry, add glue and place into the spool.

The puppet

1 Print out your puppet onto heavy cardstock, then follow these instructions to assemble your puppet.
2 Once assembled, embellish your puppet with glitter and attach to the dowel using 3D foam pads on the back of the head and body. Add a bell to the end of the string, then make your lord leap and dance!

We just love this little leaping lord and can't wait to make our own. What could our project be for 11 pipers piping? You'll have to come back tomorrow to find out!

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