11 Dec

2 turtle doves!

It’s day two of our 12 Days of Christmas feature and we’ve got a really sweet sewing project for you to get on with, from the lovely Laura from Cupcakes for Clara.

We hope you had fun making the partridge in a pear tree decoration conjured up by Lindsey from Hello Hydrangea yesterday as day one of our 12 Days of Christmas craft project extravaganza.

It’s now day two and we’ve got a truly beautiful turtle doves sewing how-to for you from Laura from Cupcakes for Clara.

“These two interlocking turtle doves, made from scraps of favourite fabrics, will look beautiful hanging on your Christmas tree each year,” she says.

You’ll need

white felt
scraps of meaningful fabric
toy stuffing

Simply make

1 Copy and cut out the pattern pieces. Cut two of each bird from white felt.
2 Cut various pieces of scrap fabrics and lay them across one of each bird. Sew them into place onto the felt.
3 Cut the excess material away so that you once again have four bird shapes. Sew one fabric front to a felt back using a small running stitch around the edge, but don’t forget to leave a gap for stuffing.
4 You can make any special additions, for example buttons, beads or pompoms.
5 On one bird, attach a ribbon at the tip of one wing.
6 Add a small amount of stuffing and carefully sew up the gap. Repeat with the other bird.
7 Position the two birds together and interlock the wings. Voila! A lovely pair of heirloom birds full of memories and special fabrics.

We just love the simplicity of this project and how, with careful selection of fabric, you can make it truly personal. Send us in photos of your turtle doves – and don’t forget to come back here tomorrow to see our three French hens!

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