04 Dec

How to: make a snowball centrepiece

Here’s a lovely festive crafts project for you and your dinner table, from the folk over at Dremel.

No snowball fights on Christmas Day, just a beautiful glittering centrepiece for your mid-winter feast and family celebration! We’ve teamed up with Dremel and have this beautiful crafts project for you to really make your house look festive this year.


You'll need

Dremel Glue Gun 930
7mm clear glue
silver glitter glue sticks
Dremel 3000, Flexshaft, Diamond Wheel Engraving Point 7105
Dremel Glue Pad GG40
Dremel safety goggles
8cm-diameter clear glass Christmas baubles
white & crystal fine glitter
soft cloth
bowls/plates and spoons

Simply make

1 Fold your soft cloth to create a cushioned surface and place a clear glass bauble down on top of it. Take your Dremel 3000 with the Flexshaft attached and insert the Diamond Wheel Engraving Point 7105.
2 Engrave a series of larger and smaller snowflake motifs randomly around the bauble, leaving gaps in between the designs.
3 Fit a 7mm clear glue stick into the dual temperature Glue Gun 930 and draw a delicate snowflake motif in between the engraved snowflakes.
4 Working quickly so that the glue remains sticky, spoon glitter onto the tacky glue, ensuring that the entire motif is covered.
5 Repeat the process, applying more snowflake designs in between the engraved ones to build up the effect. Use the white and the crystal glitter on separate motifs to create a subtle effect.
6 Fit the glue gun with a silver glitter glue stick and, with it set to the cool temperature, apply silver glitter glue to further enhance and embellish the engraved and glittered motifs.

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