02 Nov

The London Herb Garden

Growing your own food is fast becoming the pastime du jour, but it can be hard to know where to begin – particularly if you’re an urbanite and space is somewhat limited. This is where the London Herb Garden comes in.

Green-thumbed city dwellers have a bit of a rough trot, really. Outside of allotments and the odd bit of guerrilla gardening here and there, being able to grow their own food is something of a pipe dream. Until now, that is, and the launch of the London Herb Garden.
Set up just a matter of weeks ago by Hannah Flynn – editorial assistant for the RNIB by day and keen horticulturalist by night – the Herb Garden is a subscription service that sends people monthly seed and herb packets for £25, with a focus on out-of-the-ordinary heirloom varieties that were once forgotten but are now being revived.

“They’re not so unusual that you wouldn’t want to eat them,” Hannah, who hand-prints all the rustic seed packets herself, assures us. “I’ve been looking at unusual chillies, Thai basil, some interesting varieties of beetroot that have come in… This month, I’m doing lovage, which is a relatively unusual herb.”

Because everything Hannah sells can be grown in containers, her products are perfect for anyone who only has room for a window box at home and who may not necessarily have got their trug and trowel out before.

Hannah’s also set up a blog to run alongside her subscription service, which she says is going to be a huge part of what she offers. “It’s going to be very active,” she adds, “with growing guides and trouble-shooting, that kind of thing.”
It’s (plant) pot luck as to what seeds you get but if you’re keen to see how your garden will grow, this is a really very good place to start.
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This just in! The London Herb Garden is now on Not On The High Street, so head there for all your herby needs. Congratulations, Hannah!

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