06 Nov

Tea and cake with: crafter Lindsey Campbell

Pull up a pew and enter the world of artist and crafter Lindsey Campbell, a place where fine art meets crafts and they become the best of friends.

Arts and crafts are in artist Lindsey Campbell’s blood, the woman behind the brilliant Hello Hydrangea blog. From sewing and painting to papercraft and jewellery, she’s always done it all (although she’s not much of a cook … yet!). Do you want to find out about life growing up in the middle of a Washington apple orchard and what it’s like when your craft room’s a bookshelf? Read on…

Rugrats vs Martha Stewart

“I’ve always loved making things and learning new skills that would make it easier for me to do so. Growing up, when I was eight or nine, I remember my other friends would be watching Rugrats or Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, but I would wait all day until the Martha Stewart show came on. I loved her show so much.
“I grew up in a tiny town called Mattawa in Washington state, with only about 2,600 people – and most of them were farmers. I lived in the middle of my grandparents’ apple orchard farm with no neighbours and spent my days exploring the orchards, making fairy houses. I see the influence my childhood had on me now, because I’m drawn more to art that’s inspired by nature. I love being outdoors! I’m lucky to be living in Utah state, with gorgeous natural surroundings, so I can continue being inspired while hiking, mountain biking, camping and skiing.”

Crafter for life

“I don’t remember the first thing I ever made because I can’t remember a time in my life when I started making things. It’s just a part of who I am. Sometimes I struggle to put a label on what I do because it’s a mixture of every crafty skill with fine art inspirations. I don’t like calling my work crafts because I try and make my pieces individual enough to be art.
“I love every craft – sewing, cooking, watercolour, graphic design, paperwork, jewellery design, photography. My all-time favourite pastime is working with clay. Ceramics and pottery allow such a wide range of mobility that I love. When I’m in a ceramics lab, I lose track of time and four hours can feel like four minutes.
“I love the influence that the Moroccan culture is about to have on the world. Moroccan wedding blankets, Kilim boots and Moroccan rag rugs are three items that I have my eyes peeled for. I would love a trip to Morocco to experience the pattern and texture that is part of their culture. I have a feeling this trend is going to explode and everyone is going to want Moroccan-inspired products!”

“At the moment, we live in a small one-room apartment while working through school. My ‘craft room’ is a bookshelf in our living room where I keep all my supplies in plastic boxes. However, I love dreaming about my future craft room. I want it to be a shed in a big backyard with a pottery wheel, all of my craft supplies and lots of light to photograph my projects. Eventually, I would love to teach simple art classes out there in my own backyard.”


“Other artists always inspire my own work. I love the fact that social media sites allow me to find amazing contemporary collections to help push my own work. Most of my projects are inspired by another artist, company or social movement. I don’t copy artists’ work, I only take an element or two from their pieces that I love and incorporate it into my own spin off.
“My goal in life and crafting is to have a growth mindset. I just got married and am learning how to cook. Some of the worst things I’ve ever made happened in the kitchen. Usually, my husband has to come and save my recipes… but I love having a growth mindset so I’m working to be a better chef.

Hello Hydrangea

“Since I started Hello Hydrangea, blogging and crafting have become one in a way. I don’t think I would be as motivated to have deadlines or think of ideas for projects without my blog and I wouldn’t want to blog about anything if it wasn’t mainly about my projects. Basically, I’m not very photogenic and I can’t cook, so a fashion or food blog is out of the question. A craft blog is pretty much my only option, so it’s a good thing I love it so much!
“My advice to someone thinking of starting their own craft blog is to network, network, network. I’ve found that the craft blogging community is very willing to help each other. We want each other to succeed and we want to share our passion with people who understand how wonderful it feels to communicate ideas with our hands. That’s what art is. Inspiration meets communication.”
Check back on the blog later today for a little autumnal how-to by the lovely Lindsey.

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