10 Oct

Tea and Cake with Repeat Crafter Me

We spend some time chatting with Sarah Zimmerman - mum, crafter and blogger at Repeat Crafter Me about her favourite projects and what it means to be a mommy blogger. 

Tell us a little about your blog – why did you decide to start it?
I started my blog "Repeat Crafter Me" almost exactly two years ago. I've always been artistic and loved crafting and as a stay-at-home mum I was doing a lot of kids crafts with my boys. I had also started crocheting as a new hobby and found that I really had a talent for it. I was following a couple different mum/craft blogs and decided that I wanted to share my creativity with the world as well! I focus my blog on crafting, crocheting and crockpoting. Every week I aim to share a new kids craft or DIY project, a crochet pattern, and a time-saving crock pot recipe.

It’s clear you love crafting of all kinds, but what are your favourites?
I have a passion for crochet and love coming up with new and unique patterns. I also love working with felt and buttons and always enjoy projects that incorporate these materials.

How much time a day do you get to spend crafting?
Some days I spend all day working on multiple craft projects and some days I don't do any crafting. You can't force creativity. But when I get a new idea, I may spend hours working on it! I also have to plan around my kids schedule and try to take advantage of the days they are in preschool to get some crafting time in.
Do you have a room just for your crafting?
Half of our laundry room currently serves as my craft room. It is set up with a craft table and a couple of shelves for my supplies. But lately this space has morphed into more of a craft storage area and my dining room table as become my personal crafting space. One day I dream of having a whole crafting room to myself!

Do you children like to craft? What sort of things do you make with them?
Yes! My 2 and 4 year old boys love arts and crafts time. Some times I will come up with a project for them like this gumball machine color matching game, but mostly they just like to take out their big bin of markers, crayons, safety scissors and glue and make their own artwork. My newborn baby girl is too young to be a crafter but I am thoroughly enjoying making all sorts of crafts and crochet projects for her!

Which are your favourite free crochet projects on your blog?
One of my favorite and most popular crochet patterns is my owl hat but I also love the way my snowman hat and my monster lovey blanket turned out as well!

Do you have any other mum crafter blogs you like to keep an eye on?
Little did I know that by starting a craft blog I would also step into a wonderful blogging community and meet some incredibly supportive and creative bloggers from all across the country. Other women that I can truly relate to and that I get the pleasure of speaking to and sharing ideas with on a daily basis! Some of my favorite mum crafter blogs are Happy Hour Projects, Petals to Picots, One Artsy Mama and Seven Alive.

What’s the best thing about writing your blog?
The best thing about blogging is being able to inspire others and doing the things I love: crafting, crocheting, cooking, and creating, all while staying at home with my kids.

Be sure to check out Sarah's free patterns online here!

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