11 Sep

Tea and Cake with.. The Fox in the Attic

We talk to designer maker Michelle Kreusel about her handmade business The Fox in the Attic and her cute embroidered creations

How did you start your handmade business?

A few years ago the idea of creating my own embroidered creations literally popped into my head. I bought needles, thread, fabric and a sewing-machine and never looked back! I love foxes, owls, hares, squirrels and all types of woodland animals and I knew I wanted the word ‘fox’ somewhere in the name, and the first idea I came up with was Velvet Fox. But after some more thought, the phrase The Fox in the Attic just popped into my head and my mind was made up. I always think of old attics as creative spaces where people write, paint or make things.

How would you describe your style?

My style of work I would describe as naïve, delicate, quirky

What do you like most about owning a creative business?
I am currently juggling a full time job and The Fox in the Attic, so I am very much looking forward to doing The Fox in the Attic full time at the end of the year. I love coming up with new ideas and experimenting with new toys. I’m looking forward to having my own time to do inspirational things and work whenever I want. I also love interacting with fans and customers online.

Where do you look for inspiration for your designs?

My inspirations come from all over the place. I love going to exhibitions, luckily we live in London so there are many exhibitions and galleries to visit. My favourite artists include Van Gogh, Kahlo and Gauguin. Nature is a central well-spring of inspiration, along with looking at nature illustrations and paintings from the past and present. Trees, flowers, botanical plants, insects, animals all find their eventual expression somewhere in The Fox In The Attic, along with historic pattern and architecture and a whole host of other varied sources.

Where do you do your design work? Do you have a studio/adapted craft space?

I currently work all over our house. I’m always picking up bits of thread all over the house. I have a craft area with sewing machine and packing space, but rapidly running out of space. We are planning to move to Cornwall at the end of the year and hopefully I will be able to have a large studio with lots of space.

Visit Michelle's website at www.thefoxintheattic.com 


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